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45 Best Ideas Boutique Displays and Visual Merchandising

Many retail stores and hospitality venues spend a lot of time and money on hiring the best staff to help them maximise sales and attendance. However, a key part of the process actually happens before a customer even sets foot in the store or venue, and starts with a transparent yet powerful thing – the window.

Visual merchandising can be used to maximise the impact of the shop or restaurant window, attracting customers and drawing them in. However, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t end there. Visual merchandising should extend into the retail space to make efficient use of the store layout and shelf displays, or – in the case of both a store and, say, a cafe – to help set an appropriate mood or ambience.

Visual merchandising is often regarded as a mix of art and science, so it can be a complex task. Here are a list of ideas for Boutique Displays and Visual Merchandising.

1. Use Tree Props

Boutique Displays use tree props
Image Source Bountique Window
Boutique Displays use tree props 02
Image Source Lady Rose
Boutique Displays use tree props 03
Image Source Alyssa Jahns

Finding the right props can really help make a difference to the way your window displays look. Great props are eye catching, but don’t take over the show. If you get it right, great props can help communicate the image of your shop, whilst really help displaying your products.

2. Interactive Window Display

Interactive Window Display-03
Image Source Terri Mzdrestoimpres
Interactive Window Display
Image Source Elena Oleynik 
Interactive Window Display-02
Image Source Lonny Magazine

Stores are increasingly featuring touch-screens that customers can interact with to enhance the shopping experience.

These could be on the shop floor to help customers find products that are not on display or in the changing room to help customers order a different size and share their experience externally through social media.

3. Beauty Hanging Boutique Displays

Boutique Displays beauty hanging
Image Source Angela Strataki
Boutique Displays beauty hanging04
Image Source mia law
Boutique Displays beauty hanging-02
Image Source elif karataş
Boutique Displays beauty hanging03
Image Source meghana dabade

Beauty hanging boutique displays looks simple and charming.

4. Variations on Shelf

Variations on Shelf
Image Source Nikolett
Variations on Shelf 02
Image Source Denise Wed101
Variations on Shelf 03
Image Source Idajean Moore

If you choose a shelf in a store, many people think of the following two basic ingredients: wood and metal. It’s as if the shelves are built on these two elements. But there are so many other things there.

5. Boutique Displays with Gardens and Plants Concept

Boutique Displays with plants 03
Image Source Elaine Kingman
Boutique Displays with plants 02
Image Source Elaine Kingman
Boutique Displays with plants
Image Source BONPOINT
Boutique Displays with plants 04
Image Source M.A. Communication
Boutique Displays with plants 05
Image Source Pily Nolasco
Boutique Displays with plants 06
Image Source Pamela Hutton
Boutique Displays with plants 07
Image Source Ella
Boutique Displays with plants 08
Image Source Ella

Give harmony to the color of clothing and design Boutique Displays with Gardens and Plants Concept, so it gives the impression of life and your customers will definitely be interested in your boutique.
Usually this is suitable for display with few items.

6. Boutique Displays with Eggs Concept

Boutique Displays eggs consep-02
Image Source Mannequin Madness
Boutique Displays eggs consep 00
Image Source Julia Gia
Boutique Displays eggs consep
Image Source Eddie Vasquez

Boutique Displays with Eggs Concept are design outside of people’s expectations, and this allows you to get a lot of attention from visitors or customers.

7. Boutique Displays with light bulbs

Boutique Displays with light bulbs
Image Source Mustafa Ibrahim
Boutique Displays with light bulbs 02
Image Source Urban Outfitters
Boutique Displays with light bulbs 03
Image Source Jenifer Pessina

Boutique display with light bulbs use on brightly colored or pastel clothes. and often used on displays with many items.

8. Boutique Displays for Children’s Clothing

Boutique Displays for children's clothing
Image Source my scandinavian home blog
Boutique Displays for children's clothing-02
Image Source my scandinavian home blog
Boutique Displays for children's clothing-03
Image Source Aliya Mali
Boutique Displays for children's clothing-06
Image Source Julie Lyn
Boutique Displays for children's clothing-04
Image Source emily sun
Boutique Displays for children's clothing-05
Image Source Han Na Jung

Boutique Displays for children’s clothing with the concept of giving children cheerful. paintings, this will be a special attraction for children who see.

9. Adapts to the Brand Concept

adapts to the brand concept
Image Source America Jane Mercantile
Boutique Displays bird props
Image Source Philly Spisso
Boutique Displays childrens winter clothes
Image Source PattyCakes Sofia
adapts to the brand concept-01
Image Source Huong le

This concept is the integration between the brand concept and the props used. Attention to the concept of the brand and your props will get a match.

10. Boutique Display Bicycles as Support Props

Bicycles as Support Props
Image Source The Attic

The idea of using a bicycle as a supporting prop, this can make a sweet and funny impression. and of course this will attract your customers to visit.

11. Luxurious and Charming

luxurious and charming Boutique Displays
Image Source Leilani Sanchez

Boutique display luxurious and charming, using the living room design looks comfortable and makes customers feel at home.

12. Minimalist Simple for Many Items

Minimalist Stand
Image Source kirsten vint

Suitable for use in a minimalist and limited stand, coupled with a design like your own room.

13. Harmony with Rose Red

harmony with rose red
Image Source Jessica Annie

Harmony with Rose Red Boutique Displays and Visual Merchandising, looks so charming that many visitors come.

14. Boutique Display in the Glass Cabinet

Boutique Displays in glass
Image Source D and A Binder

Boutique Displays in glass Cabinet for expensive products.

15. White Dominance

Visual Merchandising white dominance
Image Source the Gypsy Collective 

white gives the impression of clean and neat.

16. Traditional but Luxurious

traditional but luxurious
Image Source My Flipping Crazy Life

Do not hesitate to explore using traditional nuances and make sure the lighting is adequate.


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