Traditional Kitchen Island

25 Best Kitchen Design Trends in 2018

The Secrets of a Flawless Kitchen Design Finally Revealed

We all know that it is love that makes a family tie a strong bond. But it is sometimes hard to show love. But moms know how to make love visible. Moms and kitchens will show that love can be on the plate. The smell of toast in the morning can show the deep love moms have for the family. Besides, the tasty fried chicken will show how a family should share laughter while enjoying the love on the plate. Therefore, to create a comfortable kitchen design is a must. We can ignore the beauty of bedroom and make it just ordinary. But kitchen should receive more attention. We can highlight the pretty furniture to provide comfort. Besides, we can apply soft or bold hues to create standout impression in our kitchen. And we can always combine all for making the kitchen be the small heaven at home. Let’s check the following ideas.

Island Paradise

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Kitchen island is the important element for creating a functional kitchen. Some people ignore using kitchen island for it is assumed that the furniture requires a large space. That is quite true since we can actually pick a small island for a tiny kitchen space. The best idea is to create tidy and unique kitchen with the right island. Island Paradise will show us the selections of high-quality island for our kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen Island

Traditional Kitchen Island
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Of so many designs of kitchen, the traditional kitchen design is one of the best choices. This is so because the essence of a kitchen is a serving venue. Moms serve the foods and family will share the affection. Traditional kitchen explores the element of woods and vintage ornaments. The designs are functional stunning in a simple way.

Hues of blue

image Hues of blue kitchen
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After the furniture, we need to be sure that the hues of kitchen color will result the most convenient place at home. The hues of kitchen paint can be varied. There is no rule for applying brown or white for a kitchen. The hues of orange and even red are possible for our kitchen as long as we mix it well with all of the components in our kitchen space. And we should really try hues of blue for our kitchen design. There are various styles that we can do with blue color. For instance, we can try marine design with the hues of blue. Adding some nautical ornaments will make the kitchen more stunning and unique at the same time.

Bold, vibrant colour schemes

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What makes a kitchen design standout is the perfect color choice. Therefore, there will be countless and unlimited color schemes for a kitchen. When people want to deliver a soft atmosphere, pastel colors like baby blue and white will be a perfect choice. Bold, vibrant colour scheme will look wonderful for contemporary kitchen. Vibrant color never fails to make a kitchen more inviting. Even, some vibrant color such as orange is useful for improving appetite.

White Out

image White Out kitchen
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When it is for a classic look, white is the best option. However, to use white color requires some smart efforts for making it standout. It will be boring to only apply white for the kitchen. White will be more elegant as we mix it with natural brown colors. If we want to give a little touch of glamorous look, adding some gold or silver is a brilliant idea. And white and green will deliver fresh look which will improve kitchen appeal in no time.

Goodbye Granite?

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Goodbye Granite, there are various other countertop selections for our beautiful kitchen. After picking the right color, we have to pick the best kitchen countertop. Marbles can be the king but we will love temper glass or ceramics. These two options are cheaper and easy to install. Besides, solid wood will be a great alternative for exposing natural element in our kitchen furniture.

Embrace the Dark Side

image trend design kitchen - Embrace the Dark Side
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However, some people worry about some dark spots in a kitchen. There are usually several corners that will be for dirty dishes or garbage. Some drawers and kitchen bench storage will be the dark side in a kitchen that can ruin the outfit of a stylish kitchen. But we can always apply some ideas to embrace the dark side. One thing that we can do is to install good lighting for every dark corner. Even, we can now use led light fixtures for the inner side of drawers or cabinets.

Finish With Some Drama

trend design kitchen - Finish With Some Drama
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Yes, it is true. Drama should be there in all rooms in our house especially the kitchen. There are many ways to create dramatic effect for our kitchen. To give the kitchen design a drama, we have to know what we want to experience in our kitchen. For instance, we can place a small bench with a comfortable cushion on the corner of our kitchen just to deliver romance and drama in that space. Or, we can place a wooden basket on the kitchen island so we can place fruits in a more inviting way.

Hardworking islands

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Getting to kitchen furniture, hardworking islands are the essential elements. Kitchen cabinets and dining table are important for storing the kitchen utensils and dining ware. But it is also essential to get prepared with a facility for serving the foods as well as placing the serving plates. Hardworking islands are designed for providing functionalities through styles.

Warm neutrals and gold accents

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Of so many styles and impressions of kitchen design, warmth is the most favorite tone that people want to experience in the kitchen. The easiest way to deliver the warmth is through the nature elements such as woods, stones, and metal. Therefore, it is so beautiful to have warm neutrals and gold accents to create a superb kitchen ambiance. To make it perfect, we need to apply the gold accents in the right portion. It is recommended that we do not overdo it. Make the warm neutrals and gold colors blend well through the humble furniture and kitchen hues of warmth.

The industrial look develops with heavy metal and concrete effects

image concrete-heavy-metal-kitchen
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There are countless styles to apply for decorating a kitchen. People can use their imagination to create the perfect impressions for the important room. Industrial look is also possible. It is always beautiful to be just spontaneous when it is for interior design. Industrial look brings spontaneous concept into a super comfortable ambiance. It explores raw materials, unique lighting fixtures, heavy metal, and of course concrete. The look might be casual but the atmosphere is so warm for a kitchen.

The rise of the smart kitchen (all at the push of a button)

image The rise of the smart kitchen
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Whether it is with beautiful design or a simple one, kitchen is most stunning when it is functional. Therefore, it is essential that we create a better kitchen with efficient functions. For instance, we can use high-quality dishwasher. In addition, it will be better to also use garbage disposal system for keeping the cleanliness. Sometimes, the smart kitchen also includes integrated white goods and useful cabinets with handle-free designs. Drawers with multiple storage systems should be integrated for creating a tidy kitchen. The organizers will make the kitchen more inviting. The smart kitchen design can also include music for providing better entertainments in the kitchen.


The best kitchen design cannot be determined by the cost of the furniture and decors. It is based on the composition, balanced, and harmony that people apply through its furniture, color hues, and of course styles. Therefore, it is essential that we decide the theme before designing. We need to be sure that the kitchen island matches the concepts. We need to select the countertops to create excellent beauty of kitchen furniture. In addition, the color hues are also important. And finally, a beautiful kitchen should be equipped with smart kitchen technology.

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