Minimalist and Modern A-Frame Houses Design Ideas

Building an inviting and impressive house is a complex project and one of the first steps is choosing the shape and the exterior look. An A-frame house is simple, some what conservatory actually yet it’s also intriguing and unforgettable. Also, you can customize it and come up with your own version for your dream house.

First popularized for their simple design and affordable cost, today’s A-Frame houses are finding renewed interest with design modifications that expand them out and up. We’ve always loved the simplicity of an A-frame. The structure is what you would think an A-shaped, triangular home that is open and airy all the way to the rafters. They’re relatively simple to construct and seem to work so well as woodsy getaways.

1. Tiny A-frame cabin costs just $700

A-frame tiny cabin

A-frame tiny cabin-2

A-frame tiny cabin

A-frame tiny cabin

A-frame tiny cabin-1
© allaponomareva.com

Perhaps that’s why this DIY tiny home is just so dang cute. Built by photographer Alla Ponomareva and her husband Garrett as a guest house for their home near Missoula, Montana, the A-frame measures just 80 square feet. Even more impressive is the cost and build time: Using designs from tiny house enthusiast Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, Ponomareva built the cabin in three weeks for around $700.

The cheap price tag came in part thanks to the A-frame’s recycled materials. Small spaces don’t need much, so the couple used many items they already had lying around, like window frames, boards, nails, and roofing. The cabin’s front steps were hewn from surrounding logs, and the forest also provided material for the countertop.

2. Redwoods A-frame tiny house amazes









© homesthetics.net

This little a-frame cabin would make a productive retreat for an artist, writer, or musician, or a romantic getaway. Surrounded by redwoods on a private road in Cazadero, my cabin is an hour and forty-five minutes north of San Francisco: a roughly ten-minute drive to the beautiful Sonoma Coast, and just fifteen minutes to Guerneville and wine country in the other direction. Head west and you’ll hit the charming town of Duncans Mills; go east to Monte Rio, and catch a movie at the historic Rio Theater.

The full bed sleeps one or two comfortably. No TV or microwave; yes record player, wood-burning stove, equipped kitchen, and lots of cookbooks. The backyard is sunny and sloping with a view. There’s a table and bench on the deck for al fresco dining. And there’s speedy wireless Internet too.

3. Modern minimalist A-frame by William O’Brien Jr.

modern beautiful A-frame 1

modern beautiful A-frame
© trendir.com

4. Actress Jordana Brewster’s amazing A-frame home

In-Style Jordana A-frame
© instyle.com

5. Theresa di Scianni’s A-frame home

Theresa di Scianni’s A-frame home
© typepad.com

6. modern A-frame via Fast Company Design

 modern A-frame via Fast Company Design
© fastcodesign.com

7. Tiny guest room A-frame painted black

A tiny guest room A-frame
© boligmagasinet.dk

8. A-frame japanese forest house in oregon

A Japanese Forest House in Oregon
© airbnb.com

9. A modern A-frame getaway in Yosemite

© sunset.com

10. A-frame cabin celebrates the zero-emission lifestyle



© dwell.com

11. Modern A-frame glass walls


© bromleycaldari.com

Featuring a sleek and modern look, this house on Fire Island, New York has been elevated from a seasonal beach rental to a stunning retreat with help from Bromley Caldari Architects. The 1960’s A-frame was recreated but in a more modern way. The glass walls completely open up the interior which is also gorgeous and customized with sleek details.

12. A-frame house architect preston scott cohen

© designrulz.com

Updating the A-frame of yore, this home’s liberal use of windows makes the most of panoramic views spanning two valleys in Catalonia, Spain. Architect Preston Scott Cohen resurrected an early 1800s barn as a vacation home for a literary couple and their family in Pine Plains, New York, calling to mind both the agrarian spaciousness of the structure’s former life and the vernacular of its new function as a house. Transcending both, Cohen created a piece of architecture that is at once porous and opaque, familiar yet otherworldly.

13. Beautiful A-frame cabin design

© homedit.com

Maybe you’re looking to create a modern retreat that fits your minimal lifestyle. In that case, just paint everything smokey black. It doesn’t get more modern than that and you’ll have an a-frame that will never go out of style.

14. Cabin covered porch A-frame

© laurencarrollphotography.com

Larger a-frames might give you the room for a real covered porch. While you might have to finegal the ends to fit against the roof’s slant, you’ll enjoy the normal country looking front porch.

15. A-frame cabin beach view

© airbnb.ca

No one can say no to an ocean front cabin. Install a boardwalk to the beach to make the ocean easily accessible for all family and friends. It’s helpful when you’re carrying all those beach amenities back after a long day on the sand.

16. A-frame cabin chopped wood storage

© blessthisstuff.com

If your porch area is precious and used up, you will have to get creative about wood storage. What’s better than underneath the porch? It will stay dry and be easily accessible when you need it.

17. A-frame cabin screened windows

© littlehouseinthevalley.com

When you spent your childhood summers in a cabin, the sound of a slamming screen door is nostalgic. Give your own a-frame cabin the luxury of a screen door so your kids can have the same feeling.

18. A-frame lake view

© cabinporn.com

When your a-frame cabin is in a prime location, you have to think about how best to meld it into its surroundings. A lakeside cabin would definitely benefit from a dock for fishing, boating and swimming.

19. Cottage A-frame design

© homedit.com

Personal touches make a place feel more like your home. Add some sweet cottage bits to your a-frame’s exterior to make your cabin feel like it’s right out of a storybook.

20. A-frame cabin painted trim

© homedit.com

With all that wood on your cabin, you probably need some color to brighten things up. Consider painting your a-frame’s trim something that’s eye catching. Green is classic but you can really choose anything.

21. A-frame wood cabin with large patio

© homedit.com

Do you need to construct a base for your brand new a-frame cabin? Don’t knock the idea of a wood support. Especially if you’re a big do-it-yourself person, this option will be simple and easy for you to do yourself.

22. A-frame cabin bright front door

© urbanoutfitters.com

Want to make a real popping statement on your cabin? Paint your front door a bright color! It’s a common trend for the daily home so why not take it and implement it in your vacation getaway?

23. A-frame cabin slatted porch roof

© boutique-homes.com

Many smaller a-frames have a covered porch that’s just an extension of the roof. Instead of keeping it all covered, consider using slats instead of solid roofing to let more sun into your living space.

24. A-frame cabin tin roof

© homedit.com

When you own a vacation home, there are certain things that you need to splurge on to be sure your place will last even when you aren’t there. Using tin for your a-frame’s roof will help it withstand the elements and save you money on all that roofing in the long run.

25. A-frame cabin two story balcony

© homedit.com

Is your cabin one of the large a-frames? Think about installing a second story balcony. It would make a nice sheltered spot to watch the wildlife in the morning and listen to the rain while you read.

26. A-frame cabin window walls

© homedit.com

Many a-frame houses have their two straight walls full of windows. Being one of the main ways to let the light shine in, why not install even more windows and just make a whole wall of glass? They can be frosted or beveled if you need the privacy.

27. A-frame cabin with stone details on facade

© homedit.com

When you have an existing a-frame cabin to update, it can be hard to envision how it could look. But if you stick with elements from the cabin’s surroundings, like wood, stone, greens and browns, you’ll have your a-frame spruced up in no time.

28. A-frame cabin wood slice wall

© homedit.com

When you think cabin, you probably envision a building made of horizontal logs. When you’re going with an a-frame, you might as well think all the way outside the box and cover your cabin’s walls in wood slices instead of logs or slabs. Everyone will want a picture with your wood wall.

29. A-frame above the river

© Alexonedraw

30. A-frame for in the forest

A-frame for in the forest
© Allen Kerr 


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